Friday, July 28, 2017

How To Read WhatsApp Database Messages Without Being Caught

 Hack and Extract Whatsapp Messages or database Without PC in Android Mobile 2014-2015-2016

Do you want to read the WhatsApp database messages of your friends, family member, and girlfriends? Then you are the right place here I will show you how to read the WhatsApp DB messages without going to the jail.

As we already know that, WhatsApp is the most popular social messaging apps which you can use for sharing your high school notes,  business files, and database. But most of the time, you want to read or hack database file of your friends and business partner. As you know that, WhatsApp uses a high-end encryption algorithm to secure the messages of their users.

But there are also various methods available by which you can easily hack the WhatsApp messages of your friends and boyfriend/ girlfriends. You only need to become a technology guy to become a first class hacker.

Below is some method that you can use to hack the DB messages without being caught.

1. Use Android Mobiles to extract WhatsApp database
2. Using Python to read chat session of WhatsApp
3. WhatsApp-key-DB-extractor

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